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Stewardship – Why Give?


All that we have in life is truly a gift from God!

We are called to grow in generosity because our Lord tells

us to.  All the saints through history have shown that this is

the way to live.  Our stewardship theme at St. Petronille is taken from

St. Paul:  “Grateful Living – Cheerful Giving.”


This sums up perfectly the heart of true Stewardship.  The fact

that you are looking at this now indicates that the call to grow

in cheerful self-giving is working within your heart.  Above all,

God wants our heart, our faith and our commitment.  Our time, talent

and treasure follow as a matter of course.


However you choose to give and however much you choose to

give, St. Petronille is grateful for you and for your support. 



Thank you and God bless you!



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