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Buildings and Properties Committee


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August 25, 2015: Parking Lot Update:

The Building and Properties Committee continues to make great progress on analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the current proposals for the parish parking lot.  Seventeen members of the Committee met on August 25th to review and discuss the work done by the members since the last meeting.  The major focus of the meeting was on a detailed financial analysis of the consequences of retaining and improving the current parking lot or building a garage structure on the lot.  As part of this analysis, the parish will obtain a formal appraisal of the parking lot property.  Some members are also investigating and designing alternatives for upgrading the parking lot if the garage structure alternative is not adopted.  The Committee decided to defer a meeting with the Village and developer until more detailed plans are presented by the developer, so that the parish’s concerns can be directly and adequately addressed.  The enthusiasm and dedication of the Committee members in trying to assist the parish in analyzing the parking lot options have been a blessing to the parish.


August 11, 2015: Parking Lot Update:

A working group of the expanded Building and Properties Committee met on August 11th to review concerns with the current parking garage proposal that have been expressed by the committee and parishioners.  The working group agreed to arrange for a meeting in September with representatives from the Village and Opus in order to review the parking garage proposal and to discuss the Building and Properties Committee’s concerns with the proposal.  The Building and Properties Committee will be meeting again on August 25th to review the financial analyses of the parking lot proposals and to prepare for the meeting with the Village and developer.

July 21, 2015: Parking Lot Update:

 The expanded Building and Properties Committee held its second meeting on July 21 to focus on the parking lot proposals.  Members with expertise in construction, engineering, and parking garage development presented their findings and estimates concerning maintaining and upgrading the current parking lot and repairing the north retaining wall.  These members will continue the financial analysis on the current parking lot and on the demolition of the Hillside residence.  The committee members also discussed preliminary conclusions on the parish’s legal rights to access its parking lot through the village’s Main Street parking lot.  Committee members with architectural, engineering, and construction expertise presented design alternatives for the parking lot with and without a garage structure.  These alternatives focused on designs that have a lower profile, involve more open space, and have greater setbacks.  The committee discussed concerns with the current parking garage proposal and agreed to formalize those concerns in a letter to the village.  The committee also agreed to proceed with a traffic study after the new school year begins in the fall.  A follow-up meeting will take place at the end of August to examine the additional financial analyses and to discuss the village’s response to the committee’s concerns. 


July 12, 2015: Parking Lot Update:

After discussions with and input from various parish constituencies, Father Jim has expanded the membership of the Building and Properties Committee with twelve new members to assist in studying the parking lot proposals.  The new and veteran members possess expertise in the following areas:  construction, site development and civil engineering, commercial real estate development and brokerage, legal, financial analysis, architecture, and parking garage development.  This team of experts joined the Building and Properties Committee for an introductory meeting on July 7.  The committee members immediately began to delegate responsibilities to the various experts in order to conduct an analysis as to how the parish will substantially benefit from the parking lot proposals.  This analysis will thoroughly examine the advantages and disadvantages of the current proposals and investigate alternative proposals that might better meet the Parish’s needs.  The synergy and enthusiasm in the meeting were high, and the parish is extremely grateful for the volunteer spirit shown by the committee members.  The expanded committee will be meeting again in two weeks to share its preliminary findings and analysis.

Parking Lot Updates: